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  • Vehicle Wash Supply, Inc,  Inc. specializes in the manufacturing of plastic (UHMW, Delrin and Nylon) components used in the car wash industry.

  • Replacement plastics are available for all major “In-Line” conveyor and roller assemblies. Including, but not limited to, pusher roller assembly plastic wheels (front and rear), flanged and un-flanged bushings, correlator bushings, motor torque plates, bearing plates and miter bearings.

  • In addition, plastic (UHMW and Delrin) replacement rollers and trolley wheels are available for the most popular " In-Bay" automatic systems.

  • All components are manufactured using the latest technology in CNC (computer numerical controlled) machine tools.

  • Components are manufactured to close tolerances and with a high degree of quality - no rough thru-holes / counterbores or burrs on our parts.

  • Our website only includes a sampling of some of our most popular components - please call or write for details if you don't find what your looking for.

  • Thank you again for visiting our website - we look forward to working with you in the future.




Vehicle Wash Supply, Inc.
5478 S. Saginaw
Flint, Michigan 48507
Phone/Fax: 810-742-4762

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